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Wooden Bow & 3 Arrows 68cm Medieval Toy

Medieval Newest
Wooden Bow & 3 Arrows 68cm

Sir Wipealot 33cm Medieval Toilet Roll Holder

Bathroom Accessories Medieval Newest
Sir Wipealot 33cmKnight holding a Toilet Roll.Cast in the finest resin.Painstakingly hand-painted.1 Keyhole hook on reverse for hanging.Size 33cm

Slingshot 16.5cm Medieval Toy

Medieval Newest
Slingshot 16.5cm

Robin's Sword 48cm Medieval Toy

Medieval Newest
Robin's Sword 48cm

St. George Shield 35cm Medieval Toy

Medieval Newest
St. George Shield 35cmWooden Toy Shield

Dragon Kingdom Goblet 19cm Medieval Goblet

Dragon Ornaments, Figurines and Statues Goblets & Chalices Medieval Newest
Dragon Kingdom Goblet 19cm

Welsh Shield 34cm Medieval Toy

Medieval Newest
Welsh Shield 34cm

Armoured Goblet 19cm Medieval Goblet

Goblets & Chalices Medieval Newest
Armoured Goblet 19cm

Medieval Skull 18.5cm Skull Figurine Medium

Medieval Newest Ornaments & Figures Skulls
Medieval Skull 18.5cmMedieval heraldry skull.Beautifully crafted.Cast in the finest resin.Expertly hand-painted.Size 18.5cm

Warriors Helm 15cm Medieval Figurine Medium

Medieval Newest Ornaments & Figures
Warriors Helm 15cmSilver and Gold Viking Helmet.Cast in the finest resin.Expertly hand-painted.Perfect for adding to any historical display.Size 15cm

King Arthur 30cm Medieval Figurine Large

Medieval Newest Ornaments & Figures
King Arthur 30cmBronze King Arthur on Horseback FigurineCast in the finest resin.Finished in Bronze.Size 30cm
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Nemesis Now The Duel Bookends 19cm Medieval Bookend

The Duel Bookends 19cm Medieval Bookend

Bookends Medieval Newest
The Duel Bookends 19cmCrusader Battle BookendsCast in the finest resinExpertly hand-paintedSize 19cm
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