A List of the Most Frightening Fantasy Monsters

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A List of the Most Frightening Fantasy Monsters

The world is a wonderful place, but a world filled with fantasy monsters, beasts and gremlins is even better! If you want to hear about some of the best and most fearsome fantasy monsters to ever walk the earth then you can find out everything you need to know below.


Plague Demon Spawns

These feature in a book called Shattered Pillars by Elizabeth Bear. These demons grow inside your lungs, and as they grow, you are slowly choked to death. When they are ready to break out, they tear themselves free and this causes death to the host.


Stiletto Wasps

This monster appears in Red Seas under Red Skies, by fantasy author Scott Lynch. Insects are creepy as they are, but if you times their size by 100 and then equip them with a dart that is roughly the same size as a small sword, you’ll soon see that things could be much worst. These wasps attack in swarms and they cause frenzied deaths. The term stiletto wasp couldn’t be more fitting.


The Wood

This appears in a Naomi Novik novel and it’s called Uprooted. The Wood is as creepy as it gets. It really does distort everything. It has the ability to generate poison and creatures, and this twists people into madmen. The trees absorb people through their own trunks and they keep them alive in an alternative dimension.  This is super weird and the scariest thing about The Wood is that you never know when it is going to strike next.


So those are the top scariest fantasy monsters around, and it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t want to hear any of those things go bump in the night. Do you know of any scary fantasy monsters? Why not list them below?



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