Male Goth Icons and the Influence They’ve Had on the World

  • by Adorn Themes Collaborator
Male Goth Icons and the Influence They’ve Had on the World

There are so many male goth icons out there that it can be hard to list them all in one article, but with that being said, there are a couple that are able to stand out from the rest- some of which you can find below.


Marilyn Manson

When it comes to a black dress shirt or a goth suit, nobody quite rocks it more than the man himself, Marilyn Manson. He is one of the most controversial rock icons of this era and he has also stood out from the crowd for being erratic in his dress sense. He is known for having smoky eyes, contact lenses and even well-tailored suits as well. He is able to appeal to a mainstream audience and it is safe to say that he will go down in history as being the best of his time.


 David Vanian 

This guy is from the Damned and he was one of the first goths ever as well. He had a punk band and he was a trend setter in his younger days. He experimented with black eye-shadow and even dark lips. His stage name of Vanian comes from Transylvania and he was also known for his sleeked black hair with a thick white stripe going through one side.


Robert Smith

The Cure are quite possibly one of the most influential rock bands around. He is a gothic fashion icon and he has been known for his smudged eyeliner and his lipstick. He took the punk look by storm and he is also known for his gothic look as well. People to this day are still inspired by everything that he has done and he has really gone above and beyond to change the world as we know it.



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