Let’s Take a Look at the World’s First and Only Gothic Superhero

  • by Adorn Themes Collaborator
Let’s Take a Look at the World’s First and Only Gothic Superhero

Batman is hitting our screens more often now than ever before. It’s been 10 years since Christian Bale’s own Dark Knight hit our screens and now he is taking on the likes of Superman. The Ben Affleck movie follows from the same vein as the Bale storyline. The idea is that Batman is a billionaire who really does want to try and do good, but that doesn’t mean that he is without his own tragic past.


Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman lost both of his parents at a very young age and there has been a lot of talks about the costumes that he has worn over the years. This is one of the many reasons why he has become the gothic icon he is right now, and this is especially the case when you look at the graphic novels that have been released as well. The subtle shifts that have happened over the decades have taken him from the original Bat man, where he was more like Robin Hood or Zorro, to now, where he is a gothic anti-hero with moral ambitions.


When you look at Batman’s fashion sense, you will see that this marks him as being outside the law. He is even outside the norms of society as well. He asks his audience, where is the line between hero and villain? When does a good guy become a bad buy? It’s questions like this that really make Batman stand out as being an anti-superhero and also one of the most unique characters out there. Set in the scenic area of Gotham City, the noir impression of the city alone is enough to give you chills and this is one of the many reasons why Batman is everything he is today, a gothic hero with nothing to lose.



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