Top Thrilling Books that you Have To Read Right Now

  • by Adorn Themes Collaborator
Top Thrilling Books that you Have To Read Right Now

If you are a fan of reading then you will know that there are some absolutely thrilling bookings out there. Here are a few that you might not have heard about in a while!



The tale of Hannibal really is spectacular. The fact that he is so intelligent alone makes him one of the finest characters of the thriller world. He is a trained psychologist and he knows exactly how to get into your head, and when you read all of the books in order, you will soon see how brilliant he is, and how he has the ability to turn almost any situation to his benefit.



Psycho is one of the most thrilling books out there and it has been developed into a film. It has one of the most incredible pieces of cinematography and one might even say that it is one of the best movies of its time as well. Alfred Hitchcock sure knew how to turn this book into a film that is just as spectacular.



Another huge book is IT by Stephen King. Some might even say that the book is more terrifying than the film, and that is saying something to say the least! Follow the journey of Pennywise the clown as he makes his way through the neighbourhood, terrorising all of those who lie in his path. This is one book that you won’t be able to put down any time soon!


So there really are some great books out there and these are just a few of them. You’d be surprised at how engrossing they can be, and the fact that they are all SO well-written really is a testament to their own legacy.



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