A List of Women who Are an Inspiration to the Gothic World

  • by Adorn Themes Collaborator
A List of Women who Are an Inspiration to the Gothic World

The gothic world is full of women who are continually changing the world of fashion and gothic lifestyles in general. If you want to find out who some of them are then you can just take a look below.


Lydia Deetz

It is impossible to talk about gothic women without mentioning Lydia Deetz, or Winona Ryder. She’s from Beetlejuice and she is a compelling girl who had spiked bangs with a notable gothic style. Nearly three decades have passed since then but to this day, a lot of people draw inspiration from this fantastic character. Winona Ryder is just as mysterious as the character that she played and she has a beautiful wardrobe on and off set. She’s dark, edgy and classy and without a doubt, one of the most inspirational goths of this day and age.



Musidora is the stage name of Jeanne Roques. She’s actually a silent actor and she was born in 1889. She is known for her vampiric appearance and she was also known for her dark makeup. She was renowned for the mysterious allure that she had to offer and she also became an inspiration for a lot of people. She isn’t with us right now but her influence lives on.


Morticia Addams 

How can we possibly forget about Morticia Adams? She’s the wife of Gomez and she is the sheer definition of matriarchy. She has a very strong personality and she has built an incredible allure over the years. She wore floor-length dresses and she also had very pale skin with bright red lips. With silver and black eye makeup to blend in the look, it’s safe to say that nothing can quite compare to this and it is incredible to see how much her style has influenced the world of fashion so far.



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