Fun Facts about Fairies and Old Tales

  • by Vadims Kudrjasovs
Fun Facts about Fairies and Old Tales

If you love fairies then these fun facts will really get you excited. Fairies are magical creatures and they do have quite a history as well. If you want to find out more, then just take a look below to get a sneak peak into the world of fantasy fairies.


Fairy Tales Can Be Gruesome

Did you know that a lot of fairy tales actually have a super gruesome storyline? These story lines have to be re-written a couple of times so that they can be toned down and eventually be child-friendly. For example, take the movie Snow White. The evil queen wanted Snow White’s heart originally, but when you look at the very first tale, she also wanted to have her lungs, liver and various body parts!


Fairies Can Hear Wishes

Fairies, or at least some of them, are able to hear wishes. They know who a wish has come from when they hear it and they use energy harvested from worries to try and help out. Every worry you have could be brewing a little bit of fairy magic somewhere in the world!


Fairies Shouldn’t Go Near Humans

Fairies were so afraid of losing their magic that they agreed that they should never go near humans. Once it was found that humans believed in fairies, a Fairy Lease Agreement was drawn up and it showed how fairies and humans could live together!


All About the Tooth Fairy

Fairies need to sit three different exams when they go to Fairy School, before they are even allowed to collect teeth. This may sound simple to you and me, but a lot of skill goes into being a tooth fairy and they clearly want to make sure that everyone is up to the job!


Fairies are magical creatures, and fairy tales are often more gruesome than you’d like to think, but that doesn’t mean that we love them any less!


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