Why Being Normal is So Boring

  • by Vadims Kudrjasovs
Why Being Normal is So Boring

Have you ever thought that sometimes, you’re just a little bit different from everyone else? Maybe you just think that you have never been able to fit in or even hang out with the more popular socialites at work or even at school. Either way, our post is dedicated to you, the strange, weird, geeky or slightly odd members of society.


Everyone is Different

At the end of the day, every single person out there is different. We are all born different, and we all have different characteristics. We really are wasting potential if we all try and be the same because that is just not how the world works. Imagine if nobody tried to be different. If that was the case, then we wouldn’t have any new inventions, any new fashion styles, trends or even catchy phrases. That surely would be a very boring world, and nobody would want that.


Weirdness is Memorable

When you’re weird, you will be memorable to a ton of people. Maybe you wore a different t-shirt or maybe you found a new band that really stood out to you as being cool. Sure, everyone else might not agree, but you will forever go down in their memory because you stood apart from the crowd. Some of the best minds in the technology industry are known for being a little strange, but yet people still go on to invest hundreds into the products that they sell.

And lastly, the world needs people who are authentic. It doesn’t matter how weird or how strange you are, if you are able to be authentic. People need friends who can be themselves, and the world does as well. If you are able to do this with confidence, then you will certainly go on to achieve great things. After all, being normal is boring anyway!


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